Community Programs

Community Programs

We are committed to providing programs that develop social inclusion and participation for people from all backgrounds.

Sport is a conduit that can bring people from diverse backgrounds together and increase social connections, networks and awareness.

“We Are One With Footy”

Currently under construction, this program is designed to simultaneously introduce people from a range of diverse backgrounds and cultures to Australian  Rules Football whilst also working alongside established Football clubs to develop their capacity to be fully inclusive.

Working with the participants will take the form of 3 different components.

  1. Introduction to Football and culture
  2. Women and Football
  3. Skills clinics

Working with local Football clubs will entail

  • developing an awareness of cultural differences
  • engagement of players, officials and supporters
  • development of an ongoing, sustainable plan to ensure long term inclusiveness

Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics

Focus Sports Development’s staff are committed to providing elite coaching to young people looking to expand their football journey and take it to the next level. 

This is offered in both group training sessions or on a one on one basis. We are doing this through dedicated female and male AFL football coaching clinics and academies for players looking to advance on their already established skills.

We provide a welcoming environment designed to build confidence, resilience and skill development whilst instilling a sense of fun.

We focus on teamwork, goal-setting and continual learning which we believe is critical to self-improvement on and off the football field.

COACHING STRUCTURE Will be divided into the following age groups and offered separately to females and males: 

  • 10-13 years
  • 14-16 years

This includes a range of skill development, football awareness, One Day Advanced Skills Clinic (Offered separately for male and female participants) and techniques that can be put into place immediately.


PRE-SEASON ACADEMY  (Offered separately for male and female participants) Includes 4 full day sessions (2 per week) in the Christmas school holiday period.

​We will be focussing on:

  • advanced skill development
  • game awareness
  • developing a positive mindset
  • nutrition and recommended fitness routines
  • injury prevention awareness 
  • importance of being part of a team
  • learning various specifics of particular positions and roles on the field


​SPECIALISED SKILLS CLINIC  (Offered separately for male and female participants)

This is a 2 hour clinic focussed on a specific skill set including:

  • kicking techniques (including personal video analysis with feedback)
  • how to play as a Forward (Including goal kicking)
  • how to play as a Defender


ONE ON ONE MASTERCLASS PROGRAM  (Offered separately for male and female participants)

​A 4 session minimum commitment tailored specifically to your needs;

  • to identify areas needing further development
  • to create a personal training program with nutritional recommendations
  • identifying elite traits required as a player aiming for selection in SANFL talent squads

FAST TRACK ACADEMY (Females only 16+yrs – OPEN age group) This Academy will be offered throughout the year and consist of 6 x 2 hour sessions. Sessions may be available after hours on weekdays and also on weekends.

​It is aimed at females who are interested in playing football or have recently started playing and have had either no exposure or limited exposure to foundation coaching. It’s particularly suitable for anyone interested in improving their skills no matter what age or experience level. The Fast Track Academy provides skill development, match awareness, knowledge of the various positions and roles on the field in a fun, friendly, non-judgemental environment.


Cost – $

FULL DAY TUTORIAL & PRACTICAL Offered once a year, this full day session will consist of expert guest presenters on skills, training, strength and conditioning as well as nutrition and diet. Participants will be given expert advice as well as practical hands on knowledge on the best food to eat in preparation for games and training, strength training, running and football skills. Resilience, well being and goal setting are key features of the program


Cost – $